Solastalgia / Remedium (2019)

Study project and group exhibition at Kunstakademiet /KMD Bergen, 2019,

Over 4 weeks professor Christine Hansen held courses, lectures and excrusions for Master students at Kunstakademiet/ KMD, Bergen. My role was as Research Assistant co-administrating parts of the programme. The course examined several aspects of artistic development projects. Contributions by artists Marte Aas, Morten Torgersrud, Kjersti Vetterstad and Line Anda Dalmar. The concept of ‘solastalgia,’ served as a starting point. The process ended in a group exhibition by the participants.

The course covered the concept through talks, reading, worshops and excursion to Vevring and Nordic Mining, discussing the case of dumping mining waste in Førdefjorden in western Norway. The pollution of the fjord is the leading scenario as a consequence for extracting minerals like rutile, amongst other, from the Engebø mountain. This has formed a tense situation between politicians, investors and the local population, as well as a national debate about industry and environmental protection.

“A decade ago, Australian philosopher and professor of sustainability Glenn Albrecht set out to coin a term to capture the particular form of psychological distress that set in when the homelands that we love and from which we take comfort are radically altered by extraction and industrialization, rendering them alienating and unfamiliar. He settled on ‘solastalgia,’ with it’s evocations of solace, destruction, and pain, and defined the new word to mean, 'the homesickness you have when you are still at home.”
― Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate.

Andrea Grundt Johns
Skade Henriksen
Ann Edvartsen
Sidsel Bonde
Emily Wright
Catherine Deller
Wyndyl Bakisan Felix