Åsne Eldøy (born in 1987, Bergen, Norway) works within the medium of photography, publications and installation. Mixing the language of looking, reading and building. In Eldøy’s artistic practice themes such as belonging and transformation are looked upon. Man made landscapes and the wonders of nature. Her approach is often poetic, yet political, seen through local communities and city development. A repeated investigation is on how mankind takes nature and creates culture. That we transform natural landscapes and create new, urban environments, which then become our homes.


2015-17      MFA, Institute of Art, Faculty of Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen
2012-15      BFA, specialized art, Photography, Bergen National Academy of the Arts
2015-16      Art history, one year programe, Faculty of Humanities, University of Bergen
2013             KUNO-Exchange, Valand Academy of Art, Göteborg, SWE
2010-11     Fatamorgana – the Danish School of art Photography, Copenhagen, DK
2007-08     Photojournalism, specialization, AFR Media II, Oslo
2006-07     Photojournalism, introduction, AFR, Moelv


Related experience

2017            Working for Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2017            Mounting assistant at KODE Museum, Bergen
2017            Represented by KRAFT at Bergen Art Book Fair, Bergen
2017            Artist in Recidence, Leveld Kunstnartun, Ål
2017            Participation in the publiation Uncertain States Scandinavia, issue no. 4, Oslo
2017            Course ”Kunsthistorier vol. 3” by Hilde Marie Pedersen and Håkon
                         Holm-Olsen, Bergen
2017            Speaker at the photo archivists national conference, National Biblioteket,
2016            Course: Advanced Bookbinding techniques, Foreningen Trykkeriet, by Rita
                         Marhaug and Imi Muafe, Trykkeriet, Bergen
2016            Course ”Kunsthistorier vol. 3” by Hilde Marie Pedersen and Håkon Holm-
                        Olsen, Bergen
2016            Represented by KHiB at Bergen Art Book Fair, Bergen
2015-16    Seminar: Freethougth Seminars, Bergen Assembly
2015            Course ”Kunsthistorier vol. 2” by Hilde Marie Pedersen og Håkon Holm-
                        Olsen, Bergen
2012            Assistant for Graphic artist Mette Marott, Copenhagen
2012            Co-organizer at Fata Fotofestival, KBH-Volum, Copenhagen
2011-12     Assistant for Photographer Trine Søndergaard, Copenhagen
2011-12     Assistant for Photographer Nicolai Howalt, Copenhagen
2008-09     Lab. Assistant at Elite Foto - Fana Optikk, Bergen
2007-08     Intern at Bergens Avisen, Photo department, Bergen

Exhibitions (selection)


2017           Replica Obscura, duo exhibition w/ Floriane Grosset, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen
2017           Grusregisteret, project exhibition/work in progress, Leveld Kunstnartun, Ål
2017            Minerale Relasjonen 2017, solo exhibition, Punkt Studiofelleskap, Oslo.
2017            Bruddflater, exhibition/seminar in collaboration with Arlid Våge Berge & Sara
                   Kollstrøm Heilevang, FELT Galleri, Bergen
2017            Triage, Graduate Show 2017, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2016            Rift, group exhibition, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen
2016            Vestlandsutstillingen 2016 – Lokale Forhandlinger, traveling exhibition
                     - Kabuso, Øystese
                     - Sogn og Fjorande kunstmuseum, Førde
                     - Kube, Ålesund
                     - Stavanger Kunsthall, Stavanger
2016            Publish, exhibition with Bjørn Mortensen, Tegnesalen, Bergen
2015            Om tiden vil og været tillater, BA graduate show, KHiB, Bergen
2014-15        Norske Bøker, traveling exhibition organized by B-Open:
                    - 2014 Doverodde Book Arts Centre, Doverodde, DK
                    - 2014 BABF14 – Bergen Art Book Fair, Bergen
                    - 2015 Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE, Bristol, UK
                    - 2015 Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE) Arnolfini, Bristol, UK
2014            Behind these walls lies the entire earth, group exhibition, Skostrædet,
2013            Standing before the text: Det enda som håller, exhibition event,
                    Göteborgs Konsthall, Gothenburg, SWE

BKFH – Bildende Kunstneres Forening Hordaland (NBK)
VISP –  Produksjonsenhet for visuell kunst
FFF – Forbundet Frie Fotografer

Member of

Kulturrådet – Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere 2017
Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond – Kunststudentstipend 2017

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