Gråsone /  Grey area (2015)

Materials: Plywood, pallets, light, screen print, photographs, c-print, backlit medie, light source.

Dimensions: 2,4 x 2,4 x 1,6 m

An installation work that display photographic series revolving around the outskirts of the cities. Places in transmission, in-between and construction, all areas where value is in the making or decreasing, slumbering, waiting to become a part of society once again. In the installation there also is a silkscreen directly on the plywood-wall, a graph showing the economic relations between the consumer price index, building costs and housing prices in Norway, 1979-2015,  SSB (Statiskitsk Sentralbyrå).

Areal map showing possible needs for the expansion, city of Bergen in the future. From city development departments, 1970, Bergen Kommune.