Eksperiment med is, sement og slagg /Experiment with ice, cement and slag (2017)

Materials: Glass tank, cement, ice, olivine slag.

Dimensions: 35x 35 x 140 cm.

Experiment with ice, cement and slag was a temporary installation happening during a exhibition in May 2017, in collaboration with Sara Kollstrøm Heilevang. Through a natural transformation a conjunction of three un-natural minerals; Ice, concrete and slag happened. None of these three components are regarded as natural elements, even though the structural characteristics are the same as their alikes found in nature. The experiments result will, through external influences, form a new product through natural development. What this experiment results in will be shown and will remain in the exhibition stand.

Bruddflater was a collaborative exhibition at Felt Gallery, Bergen. Participants were Sara Kollstrøm Heilevang, Arild Våge Berge and Åsne Eldøy.

As part of the program there was an artist talk on stone, a lecture by geologist Øystein Jansen and a guided city tour in Bergen highlighting the history of stone monuments.

Other works/tittles in exhibition:

1. Arild Våge Berge: Uten tittel [Porselen, stål, stein, papir], mixed media installation.

2. Sara Kollstrøm Heilevang: Rosettakomet 3, pencil drawing on paper.

3. Sara Kollstrøm Heilevang: Laurentia, pencil drawing on paper.

4. Åsne Eldøy: Minerale Relasjoner, del 1- 3. Variations on a artist book in installation.