Minerale Relasjoner i utstilling / Mineral Relations in exhibition (2017)

 Several works installed at Punkt, Oslo (NO)

Minerale Relasjoner (Mineral Relations) in exhibition, is showing a bookwork with the same tittle together with other works. Themes such as belonging, development and transformation are looked upon. Howare  humans unconsciously  moulded and shaped by their milieu and changes taking place around them. The approach is open minded, yet with an underlying statement testing the way we treat our surrounds and the way humans relate to terms such as home and belonging, seen through geological materials.

Works/tittles in exhibition:

  1. Minerale Relasjoner / Mineral Relations: Book in exhibition, paper, text and photographs. Mounted on wooden lists: 108 x 21 cm. / 324 x 21 cm. 9 papersheets nailed on wall: 81 x 76 cm.

  2. Utsikter mot Ulriken / View towards Ulriken Posters: Photo collage, c-print. Nailed on wall: 30 x 42 x 10 cm.

  3. Eksperiment av is, sement og slagg: del II /Experiment with ice, cement and slag: part II (part I in collaboration with Sara Kollstrøm Heilevang) Projection on metal and wooden stand: Digital projection, .gif, glass tank, cured cement. 121 x 34 x 60 cm. (reflection on wall: 70 x 100 cm.)

  4. Wonder of the World: Readymade poster in frame. 70 x 100 cm.

The works was shown as part of Uncertain States Scandinavia exhibition program.