Grusregisteret (2018)

Exhibition installed at Galleri Blunk, Trondheim (NO)

The project Grusregisteret/ The Gravel Register is based on "NGU report 85.043 The gravel register in Ål municipality" published by the Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU), in the 1980s. This is part of a series of computer reports describing a mapping process of sand and gravel resources on the Norwegian mainland, with the purpose of, among other things, visualizing the material's properties and value. Gravel and sand are certainly not a perpetual or renewable resource, even in this land of bare mountains.

The project consists of a series of photographs from Reineskarvet and the high mountain plateau in the central parts of Norway.  I have scouted out natural gravel deposits (and registered non-natural deposits) with the gravel rapport as a guide. I have also taken gravel samples that are visualized as 1: 1 cyanotypes of the occurrence and various maps and statistics sheets.

During the exhibition in Trondheim, I started a dialogue with the Norwegian Geology Survey (NGU) to extract documents and archival material though meeting and interviews.  I also arranged a felt trip and excursion to the historic mining areas of Orkla Gruver, the starting point of the multi-corporation Orkla Foods Norge, to survey and discuss what geology means to us in our daily life.  

The work has been exhibited at Nobel Bopel, Bergen (2018) and Leveld Kunstnartun, Ål (2019).

Courtesy to:
Norges Geologiske Undersøkelser (NGU)
Leveld Kunstnartun
Norsk Fotografisk Fond (FFF)
Trondheim Kommune