Grøntområder (Twentysix Gasoline Stations) (2016)

Materials: Book, printed and bound, photographs, maps, text (quotes)

Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 0,6 cm 

The work consists of a photographic series, witch opens with a photograph of a gasoline station. The following twelve images are depicting green areas in the threshold between nature and urban landscapes. All having this in common, that they appear as “natural” greens, but are existing only by inflictions by human ways of transportation within a very man altered landscape.  A map is printed on the backside of every picture. The map – often as a solution to a problem, a way of finding the right path – is here concealed and hidden from the reader, only slightly to be seen through the thin paper, as every page is folded at the right side and bound together in the back of the books left side.