Standing Before the Text - Proposition 13: The space /photographs/ projections (2013)

Materials: Five photographs, five projectors, five sheets of copy paper (sized A4), paper clips.

Dimensions: 120 x 43 cm. Projections variable.

One of a gathering of performative works that draw from the repertoire of a translator: Silence, reading, altering, copying, arranging, forgetting, listening, movement and mimicry. In conjunction with the course Art as Text II, with Matthew Rana at Valand Academy, taking starting point in a poem by Bruno K. Öijer.

Det enda som håller


suverän morgon

suverän green columbia

suverän brist på sömn

suverän tequila

suverän rum

suverän version av it hurts me too


vi ändrar inget nu

vi låter det vara så här


- Bruno K. Öijer